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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 6, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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the bay area has seen dry weather for weeks. now rain is back in the forecast. is it enough to make a difference? good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. cold, welt weather is poised -- wet weather is posed to return to the bay area tomorrow. bill martin sets the timeline for the rain. we begin in the east bay hills with ken wayne. >> reporter: frank, san pablo,
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and other east bay mud reservoirs are 88% full right now. still, officials say we could use more rain. another bright, and brilliant sunset other the bay, as we experience the kind of weather, people from colder climates envy. >> a lot better than back home, gets reports of snow, and big deep snow and everybody out building snowmen. >> reporter: the east bay municipal utilities district gets most of its water from the macolume river watershed. so far, this year, it's seen 24 inches of precipitation. so much rain fell in november, and december, that east bay mud actually started releasing water from party reservoir. >> you can't decide when the weather comes, or how much of it comes at a certain time. it's been dry for a while. we think it's going to be a dry
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for a while. >> reporter: if the dry spell continues, water levels will fall. >> too much, we'd like to see a couple of storms. >> reporter: lynn davis has seen the changes at that reservoir. >> the water was too low in the lake for five years. >> reporter: a new yorker blames the dry spell on climate change. >> it's great to enjoy, but this might be the new tropics in a couple of years. >> reporter: we still have six weeks for winter. time for one or two more good storms to ease those water worries. ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. we're tracking that next weather system in here now. it is some rain, but it's not the big storm that ken is
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talking about. we need something bigger than this to get the numbers where we want them. here's the computer model. 7:00a.m. tomorrow morning, you see showers showing up up here around the napa area and santa rosa. 8:00a.m., off san francisco, here you can see some activity. that's pretty moderate rain. that's the mortgage commute too. a central part of the bay is definitely getting wet. by 10:00 a.m., the showers move to the south bay. tracking this, it's right on the morning commute. it is not a huge storm, rainfall accumulations a quarter of an inch if we're lucky. when i come back, the latest computer, there's more rain.
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i'm going to run this through friday, saturday, and sunday as well. >> bell will be back at 10:20 with his complete outlook for how tomorrow's rain is going to play out. at 10:45, your extended forecast, including the weekend ahead. we have new information tonight about the cold case disappearance of 10-year-old kevin collins. for the first time, san francisco police are publicly acknowledging a suspect, or to use their term, a person of interest. the man, now deceased had many aliases and a criminal record. >> reporter: 10-year-old kevin collins remains frozen in time. he disappeared while waiting for a bus after school in san francisco's haight-ashbury neighborhood in 1984. >> this is a case that haunts the san francisco police department and the city of san francisco. >> reporter: today police
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revealed new details about wayne jackson. police say he fits the physical description of the man collins was last seen talking to. >> he lived not far from where the abduction happened. he had a dog similar to the dog that the suspect was seen to have. >> reporter: at the time, eyewitnesses and a consense search of jackson's house failed to conclusively tie him to the case. jackson had five different identities, and a history of kidnapping, lewd acts, and sexual assaults against boys in canada, and one at fisherman's wharf in the years before collins disappeared. cold case investigators said they developed new leads, prompting a search of jackson's old house. that turned up to be animal bones. >> what he we're looking for is anybody that saw this guy back in 1984, anybody that talked to this guy back in 1984. >> reporter: police say they
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talked to jackson's roommate. ktvu channel 2 news. ktvu sat down this morning with collins mother. >> when we heard his background, i just got chills. >> ann collins says she didn't recognize wayne jackson. she presumes her son was killed. >> in a way is that the guy got away with murder. he never had to face a court of law for almost anything he did, apparently, but he faced a higher court. >> reporter: collins says she hopes someone will recognize the pictures of the suspect, and come forward with information that will finally bring a conclusion to this case. stay with ktvu news for continuing coverage. we'll bring you the latest developments in the case on air, and online. a search is underway tonight in the south bay for a man who drove off in a san jose
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police van while he was in handcuffs. officers say anthony sanchez then dumped the unmarked van near almond, and expressway, and ran about a mile from where it was stolen. officers say they picked up sanchez on a probation violation about 3:30 this afternoon. but because he was a large man, officers linked two handcuffs together. officers say they were doing paperwork, when he slipped the cuffs in front of himself, went to the front seat and just drove off. weighing 250 to 275 pounds, he was last seen wearing black sweats and a sweatshirt. a single metal bolt brought one of san francisco's cable cars to a halt today. the cable car struck at about 10:20 this morning. ten people were injured during
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the abrupt stop. seven of them were taken to the hospital. the major accidents team in muni are looking into how that bolt lodged into the track. >> stopped the car dead. we lost one person off the vehicle. a female fell off, hurt her legs. numerous injuries on the cable car. >> police say they do not believe the bolt was maliciously placed in the tracks. muni is trying to determine where it came from. heavy smoke and a lot of flames could be seen billowing from a home in the berkely hills. the fire broke out just before noon in a house on the 1100 block of keith avenue. news chopper 2 was over the scene, as flames engulfed the home. investigators say the fire started accidently. they say it was caused by that space heater that was someplaced too close to a bed. no one was injured,.
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now to emeryville. police tell ktvu, a specific threat was made to an office of the lawrence berkely national lab. hundreds of people were evacuated at the start of the work day. law enforcement teams searched the buildings for six hours, and tell us they found nothing suspicious. we're told that the lab work is on alternative plants that are not used for food. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live with the unique way some are tracking the turn around, and what it means for buyers and sellers. >> reporter: people would have never believed that just a year or two ago, houses out here in east county are actually going for more than their listed prices. in some cases, they're spending very little time on the market. >> i was blown away. >> reporter: blown away, because she thought selling this home in brentwood would not be easy. before these upgrades, it had been a rental that needed work.
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>> the place was a wreck. i thought, if we get anything for it. >> reporter: while they originally hoped to sell the house for $150,000, their broker convinced them to list it for 168. it ended up selling for 186,000. >> we put it there anyway to attract offers. >> reporter: the broker says the house was on the market for just five days. the average in this part of contra costa county had been 47 days until recently. one of the key factors considered in a special index case created to gauge the market strength. >> average days on market is a big time indicater on shortage of supply. right now, here in east, and in fact all over the bay area, and in many places in the country, supply is very, very low. demand is off the charts. >> reporter: welcome news for
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this homeowner, and likely many others standing on the sidelines, waiting for the market to recover. many homeowners still have houses that are underwater, and won't start putting their houses back on the market until the prices recover even more. live in oakley, eric rasmussen, channel 2 news. home depot is hired new workers just in time for spring. they say it's similar to the winter holiday season for other retailers. the hiring surge is expected to mean 1500 jobs here in the bay area. in 90 seconds. >> some bay area schools are closing the doors on old safety measures. >> new details about a triple homicide inside a bay area home. >> erie. >> what investigators think the victims were doing before t
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they are so small you likely wouldn't notice them. ktvu's maureen naylor is live in san jose. she got a first hand look. >> reporter: the bay area this year alone has already had about a dozen school lockdowns. tonight, we got a look at one district's simple change that
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educators say could make a huge difference. >> i've been learning to sit down. >> reporter: it just finished installing new locks on more than 800 classroom doors. >> previously what happened was you had to open the door, lock it, and then come in. that's not very safe. the new locks, the mechanism is that. the people inside, they just have to go to the door and lock the door from inside, and just close the door shut and nobody can open it from outside. >> reporter: the safety improvements started last summer, well before the massacre at sandy hook elementary. these new locks were installed in 11 schools in the union city area. classrooms without windows were also installed with peep holes. parents applaud the move. ingly love it. now i can go to work, and i can be, know that my son is going
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to be okay. >> it just gives you an extra sense of assurance. >> especially after what happened with connecticut. big worries, you know, we say prayers every morning before she leaves. >> reporter: administrators say the upgrades came at a price tag of a half million dollars. reports live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. boeing got the go ahead today to test fly the 787 dreamliner again, but just once, tomorrow. the 787's have been grounded while federal aviation safety officials try to figure out why a lithium-ion battery caught fire, and another started smoking. boeing will be able to fly with a flight crew, but no passengers to study the electrical system. it could soon be smooth sailing for u.s. airlines and american air. it would create the world's
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largest airline in terms of traffic. the journal says the deal is worth more than $10 billion. there is still a chance that this deal could fall through. a camel that broke out of the enclosure twice yesterday is doing all right. ktvu spoke with the camel's caretaker today. he told us vets checked out the camel today, and gave him a clean bill of health. saying camels are social animals, and think he may have broken out to be with the cattle downed road. police are releasing very little information about the case including how 13-year-old janel conway allen died. her naked body was found last friday at allen witt park. fairfield police have set up a 24 hour tip line, and are asking anyone who knows
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anything about this case to please give them a call. we have new details tonight about the triple homicide in sonoma county, including the names of the victims. ktvu's ken pritchett has more on the activity that authorities say prompted the shootings. >> reporter: behind the crime scene tape and out of sight from the road is the home on ross station road, where three bodies were found yesterday. the victims, 26-year-old rolly butler of petaluma, richard lieuen of new york, and todd clarkowski of colorado. the neighbor lives about a quarter mile away. he says riley butler was a friend of a friend. he didn't know him well. only heard that the shooting was linked to a drug deal gone bad. >> some fool just took their life, i don't know. >> reporter: the sheriff's department confirms the men
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were in this house for a drug deal. that all three victims were the buyers of a significant amount of pot. >> we believe these three were all associates with each other. and that there was another involved party. >> reporter: the bodies were discovered by butler's brother. three victims at once makes this unusual, but the criminal theme, it's not. >> most of our violent crime is related to marijuana, the theft of marijuana, the growing of marijuana. >> reporter: as for the shooter, or as the sheriff's department describes him, the other involved party, there is no description of that person or persons who fled the scene. near forestville, ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. comedian katt williams was in a courtroom today, apologizing for missing three prior court dates. he did not enter a plea for allegedly evading sacramento police last november. he is also accused of slapping an employee at a target store
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in woodland. the comedian says he missed court, because he was in southern california, fighting for custody of his children. a formal request has been filed with the nba to move the sacramento kings to seattle. it's unclear when the relocation request was submitted, but the teams owners agreed to sell the franchise last month to a group in seattle. sacramento mayor kevin johnson is still trying to assemble a sacramento based group of investors to make a counteroffer for the team. in tracking that next weather system headed our way. here it comes. you can kind of see it stuck up here. showers already beginning. this is the narrow band that's going to move through the bay area, as we get into the morning hours. i mentioned it before, pardon me, that morning commute looks like it will be damp, especially in the north bay. here we are at 5:00 a.m. then you've got showers in santa rosa, starting to get damp up there. 6:00a.m., 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m.,
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it moves through the north bay, and finds itself san francisco to oakland to fremont across to redwood city. that's at about 11:00 a.m., or just before lunch. it kind of moves through the bay area. we're going to have wet roads on the morning commute. when i come back, i'll roll this model all the way into the bay area weekend. the stock markets were mixed today with lackluster your honorings reports. the dow rose 7 points in a late mini rally. investors seem to be taking a break from the recent swings. yelp reported a loss of $5 million in the 4th quarter. it said residents and visitors to the site rose dramatically. it's been expanding into more markets in the u.s., as well as overseas. it's more than 20 years in the making. when you can actually walk across the new bay bridge before the first cars drive
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there was a star studded event on capitol hill today. celebrities came out in support of president obama's call for new gun laws. >> the president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country. when your dad says something, you listen. >> that's comedian chris rock. he was joined by singer tony bennett, actress amanda pete, and actor adam scott. the event was organized by a group of mayors who want to help law enforcement get illegal firearms off of our streets. many cities across the nation are advising washington of their support of gun control
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legislation. today, san francisco joined that movement. ktvu's heather holmes is live in the city where she talked with a supervisor behind this new push. >> this is the resolution introduced by the supervisor. it calls on the city to dievest its attention from cities who profit on gun sales. >> reporter: hitting manufacturers where it really hurts. their wallets. the supervisor is calling on the city's retirement board to stop investing in companies that provide guns and ammunition. right now, the san francisco employees retirement system has about $900,000 in firearm related investments. >> i think from the gun manufacturers who are in large part driving the commitment that people feel for guns, will send a strong message. >> reporter: other cities are moving in the same direction. just today, los angeles took up
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the issue of ending its financial stake in companies that make firearms. new york and chicago are redirecting their resources. >> guns don't kill people, our sons do. >> reporter: in napa, hundreds recently packed a forum on gun violence. more than 100 people have signed an online petition, encouraging the city council to end any investments in gun makers. >> i think public money invested should be invested in a responsible, and socially responsibly way. i would not want to see our own city investing in weapons. >> reporter: as of right now, napa's portfolio is free of gun manufacturers. >> we have to do something around gun violence, and we have to promote greater gun control. >> reporter: this would not be the first time that san francisco used its money to make a point.
11:56 pm
it has previously divested from gun control companies. the board of supervisors is also considering a second resolution to divest, but it involves a lot more money. >> if we could divest that would be terrific, but we need to make sure that we're being fiscally reasonable. >> the proposal calls for eliminating investments over a five year span. san francisco has about $1 billion invested in oil companies. how about this? people will be able to walk from oakland to san francisco on a new bay bridge under a proposal for this year's grand opening celebration. the plan calls for allowing as many as 125,000 people to walk across the bridge the day before the new bridge opens to traffic. the celebration is a one way walk. people would have to sign up in
11:57 pm
advance for time specific tickets. the walk would be free, and would take place on labor day weekend. the plan now goes before the bay area toll authority next week. you know, that's a big red flag. >> gambling, drugs, >> gambling, drugs, prostitution, under the guise you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year
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when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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the u.s. postal service says it plans to stop saturday home deliveries. the postal service says it lost nearly $16 billion in the past digit year, and stopping
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saturday mail service will save $2 billion a year. some people don't like it, but others say it must be done. >> sometimes you do what you have to do to balance our budgets, and help the country. >> i think a lot of people are going to lose their jobs, which is kind of sad. >> the post office says americans have changed their habits and are doing more online. more details now, since 2006, its cut its annual costs by about $15 billion. it's also reduced workforce by 20%. mainly through attrition and has closed post offices, and mail processing centers, including one in petaluma. netflix might benefit from the loss of saturday delivery. it would lower netflix's shipping costs. for subscribers, it means dvds that used to arrive on saturday will instead show up on monday. it also means fewer touchdowns
12:01 am
for -- dvds for the same monthly price. united 2860 delivered the plans with the port of oakland. the airport filed complaints against their employers for alleged violations to the living wage ordinance. the union says the port of oakland has pried some compensation for the employees, but that the board's actions don't go far enough. san francisco's board of supervisor has approved the proposed $500 million expansion. moscone center. it will begin collecting revenue in july. work is set to begin late next year. it's believed the expansion of moscone center will help the city draw larger conventions. the oakland raiders said today, the team is reducing the
12:02 am
seating capacity of the coliseum by nearly 10,000. they plan to rope off what is known as mount davis. also blocking off part of the their deck. the nfl requires a sellout for a game to be broadcast locally. now, to our special report. it involves what's called private room karaoke. which we've learned sometimes means prostitution, drugs and other illicit activity. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: stella knows her karaoke. she's a singer and a karaoke dj at pandora in san francisco. ♪ [ music ] this bar also offers 16 private themed rooms for singers who
12:03 am
want an audience limited to close friends. it's why she took special interest in a recent ktvu report about a private room karaoke bar suspected of condoning prostitution. >> i knew there were places like this. i always heard rumors about them. you always wonder, are they even open? is it a front. >> reporter: the manager denied there was anything illegal going on there. but she also runs her own karaoke blog and says there are plenty of stories about karaoke bars. >> he decides to buy the girl for the night, and the room to. then he can pretty much do whatever he wants with her in the room. >> behind closed doors. >> right. >> reporter: at this karaoke bar, all the private rooms come complete with windows, and security cameras, so managers and police can make sure nothing illegal is going on.
12:04 am
>> you don't want drugs and things going on in the back. as long as they can keep an eye on them. people are walking around, we have a lot of security guards. >> reporter: the city of san mateo went a step further with a moratorium on private room karaoke in 2004 after a fatal shooting in that city. >> we started doing some background investigation. recognized we had a lot of calls for service. a lot of incidents, including some prostitution, gambling, and other illicit activities. >> reporter: she helped re- write an ordinance that required 12 square foot windows in every room. >> big enough so that anyone walking by, whether my height, or 6'4" security guard is going to be able to see clearly into the room. understand what's going on in there. >> reporter: she said some businesses complied. others closed down. manhimer said the issue isn't
12:05 am
just karaoke, but any private room entertainment. >> our focus is to make sure that whatever, if it's karaoke, a tanning salon, whatever happens, that it's not done in such a way that illicit activities can take place in there. >> reporter: the managers at this bar say the in their interest to keep out illegal activity too. telling newcomers, it's not hard to spot the bars that are karaoke in name only. >> you don't see people singing. that's a big red flag. why isn't anybody singing? >> reporter: in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. and if you have an idea for a ktvu special report, email us. send your tip to us at in news of the world, in the solomon islands, a 6.4 quake struck in the same area
12:06 am
as yesterday's deadly quake. world vision showed the destruction following yesterday's 8.0 quake and the 5- foot tsunami that followed. world workers say at least 100 homes were flattened, and eight people were killed. in the northern african nation of tunisia, protests broke out after a prominent opposition leader was assassinated. tunisians overthrew their long time dictator two years ago. setting off a wave of pro- democracy uprisings. in spain, tons of trash is piling up in the popular tourist city of seville. it's objecting to the city's plan to cut the pay of trash collectors by 5% while increasing their work hours. fined for making medical mistakes. the errors costing three bay area hospitals hundreds of
12:07 am
thousands of dollars. >> also, bill martin tracking rain right now off of northern california at 10:45, he's back with the complete bay area forecast. >> and new problems
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students, faculty, and community members kicked off the save city college coalition tonight. facing a march 15 deadline to get its finances in order or possibly lose its accreditation. they need to use money by prop a in the city. the school leaders say the
12:10 am
money is needed for other obligations. the san francisco attorney has filed a lawsuit against the landlord of a runed down apartment being, that we first told you about last month. the building is located on turk street in the tenderloin. we saw showers that didn't drain, rotting pipes, and mold. lots of mold. that's why the city is now suing the landlord for potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> we had every intense of insuring that the property owner comply with the law, and bring this building up to code. >> by admitting that, i want to also correct it. the landlord says he met with the city attorney's office this afternoon to work out a timeline for bringing his building up to code. the state of california fined three bay area hospitals today for medical errors.
12:11 am
valley medical center was fined for not treating a man for nine minutes after he suffered cardiac arrest. st.mary's must pay fines for two incidents, including one where doctors left a foreign object in a surgical patient. and ucsf was fined for foreign objects left in surgical patients. police in pittsburg today named two wanted for a deadly shooting at a gas station last week. police are saying 24-year-old rob robert grant, and dmitri thomas were also involved. investigators say they targeted timothy smith at a unocal station last tuesday. all three suspects are believed to spend time in oakland, and san francisco. police say they should be considered armed and dangerous. the aunt and uncle of san
12:12 am
francisco tight end, da lainy walker were killed just hours after the super bowl, allegedly by a drunk driver. walker posted pictures of himself with alice and brian young of victorville, california. a drunken driver plowed into their car on the side of the highway, and it burst into flames. the woman driver is in jail facing several charges. celebrities packed pull beach for the pro-am tournament. >> i get into tournament mode. >> the secrets they reveal about their game prep, and
12:13 am
12:14 am
the california fish and game association today named
12:15 am
the great white shark a candidate for the endangered species list. at today's hearing, fishermen and cuba divers argued that the shark population is not in decline. researchers disagree. they say there are more than 400 great whites between alaska, hawaii, and nation. they say the sharks reproduce slowly, and face habitat loss, and other threats. plaid pants, sand traps, and bill murray. celebrities and pros teed off today. talking about swings for charity. >> reporter: huey lewis. today's celebrity challenge included andy garcia, and bill murray, who made it tough on the other amateurs. >> everybody on their feet
12:16 am
right now for chris burman. please stand. >> it gets a little easier to be honest, you're not quite as nervous. you finally realize that people really don't care how you play. but that takes some getting used to. >> reporter: the pressure, makes even top movie stars humble. >> it definitely changes. you're used to playing with your three idiot friends. now you're playing in front of all of these people who are expecting you to be able to hit the golf ball. >> reporter: added pressure for performers, playing golf, and playing for the crowd. >> i need a swing card and a joke card. so keep your head down, and talk about fiber. >> reporter: all of this beautiful citizenry is expected to change soon, and the weather that was so perfect today for golf, could be more windy and wet starting tomorrow. >> usually, if there's a good chance of rain, it rains for an
12:17 am
hour or two, but it's not terrible. >> reporter: in the end, huey lewis beat out the other stars in the charity. now the real tournament starts tomorrow. robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 news. several hundred people opposed to the boy scouts lifting a national ban on gays cheered outside the scouts headquarters today. the scouts announced they were postponing a decision on the issue. the boy scouts said it will decide whether to lift national restrictions on gay leaders and scouts in may. the proposal currently underreview would allow local scouting units to decide membership rules for themselves. president obama nominated the leader of rei to fill the post of the secretary of interior. sally jewel is known as an avid outdoors woman and as head of rei, worked with the sierra club to get veterans and inner city youth to the parks. marco rubio will give the
12:18 am
republican response to the president's state of the union address. rubio, who is the son of cuban immigrants will deliver his remarks in both spanish, and english. the state of the union is scheduled for next tuesday. getting ready for some morning showers on your thursday morning commute. the system i'm tack tracking is still to the north of us. you can see showers around the eureka area. it's very cold air. we're not expecting a ton of rain from this. we are expecting some showers, especially right on the afternoon, or the morning commute. mitt morning commute. it will work its way into san jose just before lunchtime. we'll be watching it for you, and of course steve and sal will be in here early tomorrow morning. is this a major storm? no on a scale of 1 to 10, this
12:19 am
time of year it might be a 4 or a 5. a quarter of an inch. that's nothing for this time of year. as you go through the next two days, thursday and friday, it might be a little more rain. this is thursday and friday. scattered showers friday. today, we're looking at a beautiful day. temperature in the low 60s. the next few days with that cold air coming down, temperatures are going to come off. it's going to get cooler. showers on thursday in the morning. cooler temperatures as we go into friday. so the computer model, there's your friday morning commute in the north bay, right? here's your friday, 10:00 a.m. and then here's your friday at lunchtime as it moves through the south bay. so you're going to have wet roadways, the afternoon doesn't look too bad. we might see a thunder shower tomorrow night, as this is the
12:20 am
low center now. kind of cold. as it rotates over the top of us, it could spawn something like that. 1, or 2:00 a.m. friday morning. winter weather advisory in the lake tahoe area. snow levels down below 3,000 feet. as we go into friday afternoon, it clears out pretty rapidly, saturday looks nice as well. a weather system certainly would be nice to get some rain. maybe we we'll get more than a quarter inch, but most areas, a tenth or under. the commute tomorrow morning is going to be kind of dicey. >> just a little something tomorrow, then it's out of here. >> a little something friday morning. nothing dangerous. thank you bill. >> you're going to want to see this new snow fighting machine that's about to deploy in the sierra. it looks like a trailer that's
12:21 am
jackknifing. actually, it articulates to spread the deicing. crews will begin using the machine on i-80 during the next snowfall. caltran says do not try to pass it. out with
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12:24 am
fans of the board game monopoly have voted to give the iron token, the axe. it was part of the save your token campaign on facebook. voting closed at midnight tuesday. now a new token is joining the
12:25 am
group. the cat won out over a diamond ring, a guitar, and helicopter. tough back-to-back games for the warriors. >> in the last two nights, they've given up 259 points combined. last night fog forced them to fly from tulsa. then to oklahoma city. they didn't get to their hotel until 4:30 a.m. tonight, the thunder gave them a rude wakeup call. there's harrison barnes on the gravy. the thunder, they are a little bit more able to respond. tries to keep it alive, boy does he ever. russell westbrook with the finger roll. the warriors are getting the reputation as being physical. but the rookie may have crossed the line here. hammers kevin martin. martin gets the ball to durant.
12:26 am
he scores 25 tonight. okc wins. stanford men's basketball team has been slowly, but surely climbing up in the pac- 12 standings. they scared arizona until it mattered. now what are you trying to teach your kids? that's tree abuse. cardinal came in on a three game win streak, and led most of the time. 7th ranked arizona, they're now 9-2 in the pac-12. just pick my pocket. mark lion scores a season high 25. arizona fans can celebrate the 40th anniversary of the micale center today. stanford now 5-5 in the pac-12 today's 12 team, two man charity event. this is either bill murray, or captain kangaroo, not sure. today's event came down to a
12:27 am
chip off on 18. huey lewis came up with the shot of the day. huh. chip in earns huey's charity, bread and roses $20,000. team u.s.a. was in honduras for the group opener. juan carlos garcia, he's so good, he needs three names. a beautiful bicycle kick here. honduras adds another to win it 2-1. mobile and agile. sergio romo agreed to a new deal with the giants. he finished 4-2, 14 saves, 1.79 e.r.a. the giants will hold their annual fanfest saturday at at&t park. i'm sure sergio will be there. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning news starts at 4:30 tomorrow. we'll let you know
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